Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Apple A Day... Card

This past school year, we had a sub that was so kind and super patient! Our class was very loud and this sub dealt with us for several days in a row... I felt that I should give her some kind of a thank you.  I then went on the internet looking for the perfect teacher related quote. I finally found the one I liked and I started on the card. I covered a card in red paper and put a piece of white paper in the center of the cover so that there was still red showing around the edges. I wrote "An Apple a Day Keeps the Students Away..." On the cover and on the inside I wrote "... If you throw it hard enough!" And then personalized it by writing a little message on the inside. I put a cute little sticker with an apple on it on the inside. The cover needed something so I printed out a cute clip art apple and put that on the cover. I gave it to her with an apple and a pad of sticky notes, because what teacher doesn't like sticky notes? I then gave her the gift and she loved it! Thanks for reading and owl see you next time!