Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Donut Belated Birthday Card

I have a friend who's nickname is Donut. I accidentally missed her birthday and still wanted to give her a gift. I needed a card, so I made one! I used a CD as a guide and made a cute little donut. I colored it with Sharpies and put jewels as the sprinkles. I lined the left side of the card with pink ribbon and wrote "I Donut Know How I Missed Your Birthday" at the top in metallic silver Sharpie. With the same Sharpie, I wrote "Happy Birthday!" in the inside and personalized it in blue pen. I put it in a bag with Donut bites, a donut eraser and more donut gifts. It was then done! Thanks for visiting and Owl see you next time!

        All Done!

BAB Invites

My sister Alli and I are in Girl Scouts and this year we each sold over 600 cookies! Because of this, we were each allowed to bring one friend to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop on June 12th, which just happened to be Alli's birthday! Each of our friends spend the 11th and 12th with us and we went to Build-a-Bear where we stuffed and dressed our new animals. They did not provide invites, so I made some! I took a piece of card stock and cut out the words "Your Invited!" on my Cricut and then placed them at the top of the pages. Alli wanted her card to be mostly pink and I wanted mine to be red. So, those were the colors of the text. Last year, I colored a cute love bear digi, so I made two copies and put them in the bottom right corners. I then printed out the info, gave it a colored border (pink/red), and put it on. I put jewels matching the main color all over the cards and was done! Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

Below are the final Invites


 Get the digi Here! (Though mine did not have the heart around it)

S'mores Teacher Gift

I am back with my last teacher gift this year! This one was given to my advisor/ 3rd period teacher/ 5th period teacher/ favorite teacher, so this one was a little bigger than the others. I started by shopping for my supplies; a six-pack of Hershey's chocolate bars (the bigger the better, right?), A bag of jumbo marshmallows, A box of graham crackers and a cute little bag of S'more bites I found in the candy section of the dollar store (optional). I placed all of these into a plastic container along with a label I found online and printed out. The teacher loved it! Thanks for visiting and Owl see you next time!

This is the finished basket
This was the label

Get the labels Here!

Chill Pills... Teacher Gift

Of all the gifts I made, this gifts definitely one of my favorites! For this one, I went to the dollar store, and selected a cute little jar. I then bought a bag of M&Ms. The jar had a spot for a label, so I cut some tan paper to fit that spot, wrote "Chill Pills" in Sharpie on the paper, and used Mod Podge to secure it down. The next day, I filled the jar with the M&Ms and place the lid on top again. I then went to Google Docs to type up another little label that I later taped to the other side, it read, "Chill Pills Directions: Take one by mouth as needed for anxiety, anger and/or frustration. Side effects may include: sudden onset smiling, uncontrollable laughter & extreme relaxation". For the trip to the school, I rubber band the lid on to make sure that nothing fell out. After this, I gave it to my teacher and the jar is still in his class by his desk and currently 3/4 gone.Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

This is the final   product!

Hands Down... Teacher Gift

For this next gift, I went to Bath & Body Works. I picked out a hand soap (I picked Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla) that I believe the teacher this gift would be given would enjoy.  I then choose some solid colored construction paper (I used pink) and traced my hand. I cut out the hand and wrote "Hands Down, your the best teacher around!". I then tied the hand to the bottle using ribbon and secured it with a double knot. That was all there was to it! I hope this inspired you and Owl see you later!


Monday, June 13, 2016

I've Had a Ball... Teacher Gift

I'm back with another teacher gift! This one was for my P.E. teacher. I went to the dollar store and picked out a mason jar mug. I created my own custom label with polka dots that are our school colors with words reading "I've Had a Ball in P.E. This Year!" I sized it to fit the lid and printed it out and glued it to the lid. I then simply filled it with gumballs and gave it out! Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

You can go to Picmonkey.com to create your own label!

Friday, June 10, 2016

2 Nice 2 Be 4Gotten... Teacher Gift

Since I have more than one teacher, I made more than one gift. I was looking on Pinterest for some inspiration and I found the perfect gift. I went to the dollar store and picked out a large, black calculator. I found it to be rather boring, so I found some red letter stickers and spelled out the teachers last name (Morgan) at the top of the calculator. I then created a label with a chalk board background that read "You are 2 Nice 2 Be 4 Gotten" But, it was lined up so the numbers looked like the equation 2+2=4. To make your own label, find a chalkboard background, and in a chalk-like font, type the numbers and words so that they appear to be in the standard algorithm for addition. I then simply tied the label to the calculator with red ribbon (to match the letters). Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

   This is how it looks!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz... Teacher Gift

About four weeks ago was National Teacher Appreciation week. Because of this, I made each of my teachers a personalized gift. One of my teachers has an extreme love for Diet Dr. Peppers. This lead to his gift. I went to Fred Meyer's and bought him a Diet Dr. Pepper and printed out a custom label that i made using Picmonkey.com. All I had to do then was tie the tag around the neck of the bottle and it was ready to give out! Thanks for reading and owl see you next time!

This is the label
To make your own label, find a picture of an apple and paste it on an editing site, like pic monkey, then add the words and change the background color (optional)

Toadally Love to Craft Sign

When we went to Michael's a while back, a saw a little wooden plaque the plaque was on sale for only $0.50! I had no clue was I was going to do with it when I bought it, but I later had an idea. My aunt Tina has a crafting blog entitled "Toadally Love to Craft". The "toad" part is because she loves frogs. So I decided to paint the block light green in the center and paint the perimeter dark green. I took a metallic silver sharpie and wrote the words "Toadally Love to Craft" on the sign. To add a little bit more detail, I printed out a cute little frog and secured it down using mod lodge. I knew hat the sign was missing something. Then, it hit me! The sign needed a little sparkle. I found some little green sequins that I had bought at the dollar store a few months prior and place them in kind o a scattered pattern all over the plaque. I finished the whole thing with a coat of mod lodge over it and it was done! I gave it to my aunt, who loved it. Thanks for stopping by and owl see you later!

This is how it turned        out!

Visit my Aunt's Blog Here

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Love Bug Card

I am back with one last Valentine's Day card (this year)! For this one, I covered a "Thank You" card in red paper and then cut pink and white polka-dot paper (the same one I used for the "I'm a Sucker for You") to be just smaller than the cover. I then cut out the "Valentine Ladybug" SVG and pieced it together. The file didn't come with a caption, so I cut out my own that read "Love Bug" and put the ladybug and the letters down. Then, the card was finished! Thanks for reading and owl see you later!
This is how it turned out!

Get the file for your own cards here

Monday, June 6, 2016

Heart Balloons Card

I am back with yet another Valentines Day card! This one has a cloud background and heart-shaped air balloons with scattered hearts and little clouds. The big balloons as well as the tiny clouds and scattered hearts all came from Miss Kate's "Heart Hot Air Balloons" file. I covered another card, this time with a sky print paper and put the finished digis on it. I hope this inspired you and owl see you soon!

This is the final product!

You can get the Heart Air Balloons file for yourself right Here

I'm a Sucker for You Card

I'm back with another Valentine's card! This one is blue, pink and white and has a lollipop on the front. The cover reads "I'm a sucker for you". To create this card, I cover a card with pink and white polka-dotted paper. The file I used had a few layers around it, so I followed the piecing directions and placed the pieced file on the card. The dig is from Miss Kate's Cuttables. The sucker is made of sparkle paper as well as normal blue paper that I believe was cerulean blue. The card was then ready to be written in and given out. Thank you for coming and owl see you again soon!

 The end product is above

Download the SVG Here!

Bear Hug Card

I made a bunch of Valentine's cards last February. Here is yet another one. For this card, once again, I covered a random card that I found. I covered the card in red plaid paper and measured a piece of white paper to be just smaller than the front of the card so that the plaid would peek out. I then used my Cricut (again!) to cut out the "Lots of Love Bear" file from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs.  I then simply pasted the digi on the card and gave it out. Thanks for reading and owl see you later!
This is how it turned out (above)!

You can find the Lots of Love Bear file Here!

Sweet on You Card

I am SO sorry it has been so long! My computer broke and my pictures wouldn't upload. Anyways, I have been very busy (in my craft room) and have a lot to show you. I only posted a picture of one of my Valentine's Day cards, and I made quite a few. This is one of my cards. I made it using one of Miss Kate's files (Link below). I used the "Sweet on You" file and cut that out using my Cricut Explore and piece them. I then covered a random card that I found lying around in fancy pink paper that I had in my craft room. I had some left over pink hearts that I then put on the card around the cut. That is how I made my card and owl see you next time!

Above is the finished product!

Get the file Here!