Monday, December 5, 2016

DIY Advent Calendar ๐ŸŽ„

Sorry that this post is a little late for this year but I just made this project yesterday. I happened to have a tackle box-like thing that came from a bead sorting kit and this box had exactly 25 boxes and one big box in the center and was perfect for what I wanted. I cut squares to cover my boxes and made them switch between red and green and made Christmas day sparkly green. i simply taped these     squares to the inside of the lid so that when I closed the box the candy was covered, then I just put one small candy in each slot. Because I have two siblings, we all had to share this box so I used a thin-tip dry-erase maker and at the to of the inside of each box, write  either a T, A or W (Taylor, Alli, or William). Then we rotate; each day one of us gets candy and we switch. On the last day, I put three whoppers so we each get one. I also put a silver bow with a snowflake center on the front and ta-da! All done! Thanks for reading and Owl see you next time! 

                                                       Above is the final result!

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  1. Very creative use of that bead sorting kit thingy. I love that you made this to include your brother and sister. You are so sweet!