Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chill Pills... Teacher Gift

Of all the gifts I made, this gifts definitely one of my favorites! For this one, I went to the dollar store, and selected a cute little jar. I then bought a bag of M&Ms. The jar had a spot for a label, so I cut some tan paper to fit that spot, wrote "Chill Pills" in Sharpie on the paper, and used Mod Podge to secure it down. The next day, I filled the jar with the M&Ms and place the lid on top again. I then went to Google Docs to type up another little label that I later taped to the other side, it read, "Chill Pills Directions: Take one by mouth as needed for anxiety, anger and/or frustration. Side effects may include: sudden onset smiling, uncontrollable laughter & extreme relaxation". For the trip to the school, I rubber band the lid on to make sure that nothing fell out. After this, I gave it to my teacher and the jar is still in his class by his desk and currently 3/4 gone.Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

This is the final   product!

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