Thursday, June 9, 2016

Toadally Love to Craft Sign

When we went to Michael's a while back, a saw a little wooden plaque the plaque was on sale for only $0.50! I had no clue was I was going to do with it when I bought it, but I later had an idea. My aunt Tina has a crafting blog entitled "Toadally Love to Craft". The "toad" part is because she loves frogs. So I decided to paint the block light green in the center and paint the perimeter dark green. I took a metallic silver sharpie and wrote the words "Toadally Love to Craft" on the sign. To add a little bit more detail, I printed out a cute little frog and secured it down using mod lodge. I knew hat the sign was missing something. Then, it hit me! The sign needed a little sparkle. I found some little green sequins that I had bought at the dollar store a few months prior and place them in kind o a scattered pattern all over the plaque. I finished the whole thing with a coat of mod lodge over it and it was done! I gave it to my aunt, who loved it. Thanks for stopping by and owl see you later!

This is how it turned        out!

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