Tuesday, June 14, 2016

BAB Invites

My sister Alli and I are in Girl Scouts and this year we each sold over 600 cookies! Because of this, we were each allowed to bring one friend to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop on June 12th, which just happened to be Alli's birthday! Each of our friends spend the 11th and 12th with us and we went to Build-a-Bear where we stuffed and dressed our new animals. They did not provide invites, so I made some! I took a piece of card stock and cut out the words "Your Invited!" on my Cricut and then placed them at the top of the pages. Alli wanted her card to be mostly pink and I wanted mine to be red. So, those were the colors of the text. Last year, I colored a cute love bear digi, so I made two copies and put them in the bottom right corners. I then printed out the info, gave it a colored border (pink/red), and put it on. I put jewels matching the main color all over the cards and was done! Thanks for reading and Owl see you later!

Below are the final Invites


 Get the digi Here! (Though mine did not have the heart around it)

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